May 21, 2016

Workshop on Complexity in Learnability and Development

The Complexity and Recursion group is hosting a workshop with the theme of Complexity in Learnability and Development, supported by a SSHRCC grant to faculty members Ana-Teresa Pérez-Leroux and Yves Roberge. The workshop will be taking place in University College room 140 on Wednesday, May 25, from 9 AM (coffee) to 5 PM.

Ana-Teresa will be giving the opening remarks at 9:30 AM. Other projects being presented as talks are as follows:

Erin Pettibone (Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese), Gabrielle Klassen (Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese), and Ana-Teresa Pérez-Leroux (faculty):
"Bilingual effects in recursive noun phrases."

Gabrielle Klassen (Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese), Erin Hall (Ph.D.), Ana-Teresa Pérez-Leroux (faculty), and colleague Anny P. Castilla-Earls (University of Houston)
"Children's use of relative clauses in recursive and non-recursive modification."

Kazuya Bamba (Ph.D.), Midori Hayashi (Ph.D. 2011), Manami Hirayama (Ph.D. 2009, now at Ritsumeikan University), and Ana-Teresa Pérez-Leroux (faculty):
"On the development of complexity in Japanese nominal recursion."

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