November 23, 2009

Suggest a blog post

Who can suggest a post?

Any current or former member of the department can suggest a post to the blog.

What can I submit?

Appropriate content might include text, links, and photos related to:

• Publications and presentations;
• Conferences and workshops hosted by the department;
• Conferences and workshops with major departmental participation;
• Guest talks in our department;
• Poster sessions in our department;
• Other events of interest to our department;
• Media appearances of people in our department;
• People from our department having travel adventures abroad;
• Academic honours;
• Research group meetings;
• Major research projects;
• Thesis defenses;
• Convocation ceremonies;
• Department parties and sometimes lighthearted everyday candid shots;
• Big accomplishments unrelated to linguistics but still worth celebrating;
• Weddings;
• New babies;
• Other alumni updates;
• Memorials;
• Faculty getting tenure;
• New jobs (particularly for Ph.D. alumni);
• New postdocs and faculty and visiting scholars;
• Departing postdocs and faculty (and sometimes grad students);
• The 'spotlight on...' category, for anything or anyone going unfairly unnoticed.

Note that this list is not exhaustive.

What shouldn’t I suggest?

Personal requests, advertisements, etc. that are not of general departmental interest should not be posted on this blog. Keep in mind that the site is for public viewing. A moderator will edit all content.

How do I post?

Send an email containing your post suggestion to utlinguistics AT gmail dot com.

How do I report an error or omission?

Send an email to utlinguistics AT gmail dot com, or email the committee members individually (see below).

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