January 25, 2010

Marina's new baby Yana

Dear all,
Our family is all excited to announce our new baby daughter's arrival! She was born 22.01.10 at 3:33 pm, weighing 3476 g, height 51 cm. Her name is Yana Maria Lieber ('Yana' rhymes with 'Hannah', her big sister's name, and the Russian nickname for 'Hannah' is 'Anya', which in Russian is spelled as the reverse of 'Yana'; 'Maria' was my grandmother's name).
Both Yana and me are happy and healthy. We attach a picture of Yana, almost one day old, with her big sister and Mommy.

Marina, Zeev and Hannah

January 23, 2010

Sali and Derek defend teenagers in Montreal Gazette

Recent media buzz in the UK warned teens all over the world that their "teenspeak" is making them "unemployable". On this side of the pond, the media was a little less extreme and consulted linguists with real data, including U of T's Sali Tagliamonte and Derek Denis.

January 18, 2010

Video rapportage of the move-in

Alana writes:

This video was taken on the first day in December 2009 that members of our dept. actually started using the new dept. It was mid-move and I think it shows the magical moment when the grad students transformed an empty lounge into our new living quarters.

January 7, 2010

Overheard on Campus

Linguistics was featured in this week's edition of the Varsity's "Overheard on Campus":

(Students leaving after a linguistics class)
Student 1: I'm just walking this way, but not because I'm scared of getting mugged or anything. Even if we meet a mugger, we can stand together and beat 'em like two dogs attacking a bear!
Student 2: You know, that was exactly what I was thinking!
(Some time later...)
Student 2: Well, you know, despite our skinny frames, we are mighty warriors wielding language!

(Spotted by Elan)