April 6, 2010

UT linguist talks at GURT

Atiqa Hachimi reports that she recently returned from the Georgetown University Round Table on Arabic Language and Linguistics.

The title of her talk was:
"Arabic sociolinguistics and mobility: Exploring the social reinterpretation of old urban varieties in contemporary North Africa"

She's off to another conference at U of Texas next week. and she'll make sure to take pictures this time :-)

Georgetown University Campus Main EntranceGeorgetown Campus

Manami at the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics in Tokyo

Manami Hirayama writes from Tokyo to say that she landed a postdoc
appointment at the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics in Tokyo. The
Institute is one of the marvels of the linguistics world, a corporation founded in 1948
and occupied continuously by teams of linguists doing pure research. It is a great place
for Manami to get started. Manami's project is phonology and her boss is Haruo Kubozono.
The Institute moved to a new glass-and-chrome building a few years ago in Tachikawa, on
the western edge of Tokyo, and the commute for Manami from her parents' house is almost 2
hours each way. She is also going to start a part-time teaching job in a few weeks.

She says, "I've been seeing my friends and people whom I hadn't seen for a long time,
which is nice as well. I miss Toronto very much, at the same time, however. People are in
my dreams!"

Maybe she'll send us some pictures to link? of the "Dialect research room"?