May 1, 2016


Change and Variation in Canada 9 is taking place at the University of Ottawa on May 7 and 8. A large proportion of the program involves U of T Linguistics people of the past/present/future:

Mary Aksim (MA):
"Three Early Modern English ladies."

Marisa Brook (Ph.D.):
"This seems to be on the way out: Covariants of seem subordination in Canadian and British English."

Shayna Gardiner (Ph.D.):
"Continuing our study of stable variation: The role of continuous factor groups."

Alexah Konnelly (MA):
"Like in the adjective phrase: Queering ongoing change in Toronto, Canada."

Ruth Maddeaux (Ph.D.), Paulina Lyskawa (MA 2015, now at the University of Maryland), Emilia Melara (Ph.D.), and Naomi Nagy (faculty):
"(Why) is code-switching sometimes a predictor of contact effects?"

Katharina Pabst (incoming Ph.D. student, currently at the University of Buffalo) and Sali A. Tagliamonte (faculty), in conjunction with the students of the 2015 LSA Summer Institute:
"Greatcool, and amazing: Adjectives of positive evaluation in Canadian English."

Brianne Süss (MA):
"Just a stereotype, eh?"

Sali A. Tagliamonte (faculty) and Ruth Maddeaux (Ph.D.):
"A 'little' story from Northern Ontario: Semantic variation in the linguistic system."

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