May 10, 2016

Report from WCCFL

The 34th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL) was hosted by the University of Utah between April 29 and May 1. Alexandra Motut (Ph.D.) and Meg Grant (faculty) presented a poster; alumni involved were Will Oxford (Ph.D. 2014, now at the University of Manitoba), Naomi Francis (MA 2014, now at MIT), Monica Irimia (Ph.D. 2012, now at the University of York), Lyn Tieu (MA 2008, now at École Normale Supérieure), and Rachel Walker (MA 1993, now at the University of Southern California). After the conference, several attendees went hiking into the mountains around Salt Lake City.

Alex Motut shares the following photos:

The conference venue: the Salt Lake City public library!

Alex is on top of the world, or at least pretty much.

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