May 23, 2016

Alana Johns in Nain

Alana Johns (faculty) has recently returned from a field trip to Nain, Nunatsiavut, where she has been working to set up a team of community researchers on the Sinâni Project (funded by SSHRC). The project's goal is to collect and transcribe a great deal of Inuttitut stories/conversations. These materials will be used for linguistic analysis and community heritage purposes.

During her time in Nain, Alana was interviewed on the radio (link to mp3) about the Sinâni Project. She also sends along the following pictures and captions:

"This is a photo from the installation of the new President of Nunatsiavut Johannes Lampe.
This took place in Nain May 4, 2016. I was lucky to be there so I could attend this occasion."

"The only means of transportation in town on May 4 was still skidoos, but by the time I left on May 16 people were
using vehicles and skidoos were not possible on the town roads, though they were still used to go out on the land."

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