May 20, 2016

Acoustical Society of America 2016

The 2016 meeting of the Acoustical Society of America is being held from May 23 to 27 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Several department members will be presenting posters:

Alexei Kochetov (faculty):
"The acoustics of strengthened glides in Kirundi."

Alexei Kochetov (faculty) and colleague N. Sreedevi (All India Institute of Speech and Hearing):
"Manner-specific tongue shape differences in the production of Kannada coronal consonants."

Kiranpreet Nara (Ph.D.):
"Acoustic analysis of Punjabi stress and tone (Doabi dialect)."

Maida Percival (Ph.D.):
"Affricate contrasts in Déline Slavey."

Luke West (MA 2015, now at UCLA):
"Pitch specification of minor syllables in Sgaw Karen."

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