May 26, 2014

Congratulations, Maddie and Holly!

Alumni wedding! Maddie Shellgren and Holly Young (both MA 2011) were married on May 24, 2014, in Montgomery, Vermont. Maddie and Holly met in the U of T MA program in September 2010, started dating in early 2011, and became engaged in March 2012. They are both currently at Michigan State University; Maddie is a Ph.D. student in sociolinguistics, and Holly is doing an MA in speech pathology.

A large number of U of T linguists took a road trip down to Vermont for the wedding! In attendance were Derek Denis (Ph.D.) and Alex Motut (Ph.D.); Sarah Clarke (Ph.D. 2013) and Radu Craioveanu (Ph.D.); James Byrnes (MA 2011) and Michelle Stella (BA 2010); Jim Smith (Ph.D.) and his wife Deborah; Ruth Maddeaux (MA) and her husband Barn Costello; Ross Godfrey (Ph.D.); Marisa Brook (Ph.D.); and Andrei Anghelescu (MA 2011, now at the University of British Columbia). Radu, James, Michelle, Marisa, Ross, and Andrei were all in Holly and Maddie's MA cohort in 2010-2011.

(Photos courtesy of Radu.)

Maddie & Holly's ceremony

A brief downpour after the ceremony.

Table 1: Marisa, Jim, Deborah, Alex, Derek, Ruth, Barn

Table 2: Radu, Sarah, Ross, Andrei, James, Michelle

Peering through the window.


The whole Toronto crowd! 
(Michelle, James, Derek, Alex, Sarah, Radu, Barn, Ruth,
Holly, Maddie, Andrei, Ross, Marisa, Deborah, Jim)

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