May 26, 2014

CLA 2014

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association wraps up today at Brock University. As usual, there has been a strong U of T presence, with contributions from many department members past and present.

Current members of the department who presented include:

Bronwyn Bjorkman (postdoc) and Elizabeth Cowper (faculty)
Possession and necessity: from individuals to worlds

Cristina Cuervo (faculty) (with Gabrielle Klassen)
An imperfect representation: The preterit–imperfect contrast in syntactic theory and SLA

Paul Poirier (Undergraduate)
Malay/Indonesian voice and pseudo-incorporation

Julianne Doner (Ph.D.)
Dimensions of variation of the EPP

Liisa Duncan (Ph.D.)
Synchronic productivity of Finnish vowel harmony

Clarissa Forbes (Ph.D.)
On the absence of nominal coordination in Gitksan

Naomi Francis (MA)
This predicate is tasty: Predicates of personal taste, faultless disagreement, and the ideal judge

Julie Goncharov (Ph.D.)
Many and determiner systems in English and Russian

Jessica Mathie (Ph.D.)
Markedness in number features: Evidence from Ganggalida (Yukulta)

Daniel Milway (Ph.D.)
Null pronouns in English: Evidence from particle verb constructions

Avery Ozburn (MA)
Statistical co-occurrence restrictions in Oromo consonants

Maida Percival (MA)
Variation in ejectives in Harar Oromo

Ana-Teresa Pérez-Leroux (faculty) (with Malina Radu, Gabrielle Klassen, Laura Colantoni, Matthew Patience, and Olga Tararova)
The perception of intonational contours: a cross-linguistic study

Christopher Spahr (Ph.D.)
Restricting non-segmental contrasts

Alumni who presented include:

Richard Compton (McGill)
An argument for genuine object agreement in Inuit

Jila Ghomeshi (University of Manitoba)
Who are we talking to when we talk to ‘the public’ about linguistics?

Carrie Gillon (Arizona State) (with Solveiga Armoskaite)
Aspectual conditions on (in)definiteness

Daniel Currie Hall (Saint Mary’s University)
On substance in phonology

Sara Mackenzie (Memorial University) (with Erin Olson, Meghan Clayards, and Michael Wagner)
Allophonic variation in English /l/: production, perception, and segmentation

Will Oxford (University of Manitoba)
The rise and fall of split-ergative agreement in Algonquian

Marina Sherkina-Lieber (Carleton University)
Monolingual and bilingual children’s production of Russian embedded yes–no questions

In addition to the main session, there was a joint session with the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics on the revitalization of First Nations languages, organized by Keren Rice (faculty). This session included presentations by alumni:

Carrie Dyck (Memorial University) (with Amos Key, Jr.)
An immersion program for intermediate-level speakers

Marguerite MacKenzie (Memorial University)
Language maintenance in East Cree, Naskapi and Innu: A forty-year perspective

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