May 17, 2014

ABC↔C: Agreement by Correspondence Conference

The Agreement by Correspondence Conference (ABC↔C) was held in Berkeley, California on May 18th and 19th. Talks and posters presented by current members of our department were:

Radu Craioveanu (PhD) and Ross Godfrey (PhD)
A nonagreement analysis of Harari long-distance V-C palatalization

Alexei Kochetov (faculty) and Avery Ozburn (MA)
Categorical and gradient laryngeal harmony in Lezgian

Peter Jurgec (faculty)
Consonant harmony as feature spreading

Alexei Kochetov presented a second poster with PhD student Tomohiro Yokoyama and their colleague Myles Leitch (Tyndale University College):
Optionality in sibilant harmony: Experimental evidence from Kirundi

Avery Ozburn (MA) also presented a second poster:
Statistical laryngeal harmony in Oromo: a Maximum Entropy model

Alumna Rachel Walker (MA 1993), now at the University of Southern California, gave a talk:
Prominence-control and multiple triggers in vowel harmony: An ABC analysis

(Photos courtesy of Radu Craioveanu)

Lunch in the courtyard on the first day
Dwinelle Hall

Ross in discussion with Will Bennett
Avery explaining her poster to Florian Lionnet

Tomohiro and his poster
Avery and her poster
Evening out at Jupiter after the conference dinner
Peter, Tomo, Ross, Radu, Avery, Alexei
Ross, Tomo, Avery, Radu, Alexei, Peter
At a cafe just after the conclusion of the conference

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