May 29, 2014

Change and Variation in Canada 8

CVC 8 is taking place in Kingston, Ontario, this weekend, hosted by the Strathy Language Unit at Queen's University. The program is full of U of T sociolinguists; in particular, undergraduates are unusually well-represented. Current members of the department taking part are:

Marisa Brook (Ph.D.)
A peripheral view of change from above: Prestige forms over time in a medium-sized community.

Naomi Cui (BA), Minyi Zhu (BA), Vina Law (BA), Holman Tse (visiting student, originally from the University of Pittsburgh), and Naomi Nagy (faculty)
Exploring automated formant analysis for comparative variationist study of Heritage Cantonese and English.

Derek Denis (Ph.D.)
A variationist perspective on epistemic parentheticals in Ontario.

Aaron Dinkin (faculty)
A phonological variable in a textual medium: (ing) in online chat.

Shayna Gardiner (Ph.D.)
Prized possessions: Variation in Ancient Egyptian possession.

Jim Smith (Ph.D.)
Sociophonetic variation in Northern Ontario vowels: A first look.

Martin Sneath (BA)
Emigrants, isolation, urban influx: Variable (ing) in Haliburton, Ontario.

Ph.D. alumnae Nicole Rosen (University of Manitoba) and Alexandra D'Arcy (University of Victoria) are co-authors on a presentation with colleague Jillian Ankutowicz (University of Lethbridge):
What have we been do-een? (ing) is not binary.

Other department attendees include Matt Hunt Gardner (Ph.D.), Alex Motut (Ph.D.), Ruth Maddeaux (MA), and Michael Iannozzi (BA).

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