March 4, 2015


The eighth annual Toronto Undergraduate Linguistics Conference (TULCON) will be taking place over the weekend of March 13th to 15th in Bissel 205, hosted by SLUGS. The schedule for the conference is now available.

The following undergraduates from our department will be presenting:

Emma Amato and Jessica Ortins: "We R who we are: A study of phonetic variation of /r/ within Toronto's heritage language speakers."

Vidya David: "Modelling age of acquisition in a self-organizing map model of the bilingual lexicon."

Sneha George, Rachel Soo, and Yaruna Cooblal: "VOT as a cue for voicing contrast in word-initial voiced and voiceless stops of native and heritage Tagalog speakers."

Michael Iannozzi: "Pro-drop in a heritage language in Toronto: A study of heritage Faetar."

Kinza Mahoon: "Long-distance agreement, low focus and dependency effects in Hindi-Urdu."

Zoë McKenzie: "Transitivity effects in Inuktitut: Implications for noun incorporation."

Maksym Shkvorets: "Losing one's language, or creating one's own dialect? The loss of reflexive possessive pronouns in heritage Ukrainian."

Connie Ting: "Variation in L2 learners' VOT durations."

Other presenters are coming from McMaster University, the University of Manitoba, New York University, and the University of Georgia.

The two keynote speakers will be faculty members Diane Massam ("Two is or not two is: Extra be constructions in English"), Walter Pedersen ("Inchoative verbs and adverbial ambiguities"), and Ana-Teresa Pérez-Leroux.

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