March 6, 2015

MOLT 2015

This year's annual Montréal-Ottawa-Laval-Toronto Workshop in Phonology will be hosted by our department over the weekend of the 13th to the 15th. The organizing committee is comprised of York University faculty member Peter Avery (Ph.D. 1996) and U of T faculty members Peter Jurgec, Yoonjung Kang, Alexei Kochetov, and Keren Rice.

Preregistration is available via this Google form. The cost of registration will be $30 for students and $40 for non-students, or $50/$65 including the dinner on Saturday night. Payment will be on-site, and we accept cash or cheques. You may register at the conference venue from 1:30 p.m. onwards on Friday or from 9:00 a.m. onwards on Saturday.

Current department members presenting at this conference are:

Clarissa Forbes (Ph.D.): "Morphological opacity in a morphological stress system: The case of Gitksan."

Keffyalew Gebregziabher (postdoc) and Jessamyn Schertz (postdoc): "Phonological and phonetic variation in velar plain and ejective obstruents in Tigrinya."

Frederick Gietz (MA): "Tonal Wop in Kikuyu motivates a Shift operation."

Erin Hall (Ph.D.): "Japanese verb suffixation: Allomorph selection, not onset deletion."

Phil Howson (Ph.D.): "An acoustic analysis of Sorbian: a reexamination of the feature specification for uvulars."

Yoonjung Kang (faculty), Na-Young Ryu (Ph.D.), and colleague Hyoung Seok Kwon: "Dialectal variation in Korean vowel harmony and the emergent locality effect."

Yining Nie (MA): "Morphological truncation in Harmonic Serialism."

Keren Rice (faculty) and Elan Dresher (professor emeritus): "Phonological typology with contrastive hierarchies."

Christopher Spahr (Ph.D.): "On tonal features and tonal accent."

Luke West (MA): "Neutral tone in Sgaw Karen: An acoustic study of minor syllables and tonal targets."

Yoonjung is also part of a presentation with McGill colleagues Hye-Young Bang, Morgan Sonderegger, and Meghan Clayards: "A lexical and contextual path of tonogenesis: Evidence from Seoul Korean."

Three alumni are also presenting:

Kazuya Bamba (MA 2014): "Two types of 'bidirectional' harmony."

Christina Bjorndahl (MA 2008, now at Cornell University): "Triggers and targets in voicing assimilation: The inevitability of Russian /v/."

Maida Percival (MA 2014): "Evidence from Halkomelem for shift in Harmonic Serialism."

We hope you will join us!

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