March 10, 2015

Guest speaker: Christine Shea (University of Iowa)

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is hosting a talk by Christine Shea of the University of Iowa: "L1 and L2 dialect variability effects in lexical processing." This talk will be held on Friday the 13th at 3:00 PM, in Victoria College room 211.

How language learners deal with the variability present in the speech stream is one of the most intriguing issues for the acquisition of a first and second language sound system. In this talk I discuss how one type of variability, dialect variability,  affects lexical processing by L2 learners. In the first study, I discuss data from native speakers of English at the beginning and end of a three-month study-abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina and address how these learners process a dialect feature typical of River Plate Spanish. In study two, I present data from speakers of two different dialects of Colombian Spanish and their processing of English lexical items.

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