March 13, 2015

LVC mini-conference at Queen's

Three of our variationist sociolinguists went up to Kingston yesterday to share some of their recent research with undergrads at Queen's University. Ph.D. students Marisa Brook and Matt Hunt Gardner and recent Ph.D. alumnus Derek Denis presented the mini-conference to Anastasia Riehl's Canadian English class.

Marisa presented "Relatively distinct: Localized loss of prestige on the periphery of Canadian English," about her first Generals paper from 2013-14.

(Photo by Anastasia Riehl.)

Matt's presentation was "Where does Canadian English end? Cape Breton as a speech island," on his dissertation research.

(Photo by Marisa Brook.)

Derek presented "Homogeneity, convergence, mega-trends, and stuff like that" - a look at his ongoing project with another alumna, Alexandra D'Arcy (Ph.D. 2005, now at the University of Victoria).

(Photo by Marisa Brook.)

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