March 14, 2014


Peter Jurgec and Danielle Moed have recently returned from WCCFL 32 at the University of Southern California.

Peter presented a talk with co-author Tina Razboršek (University of Nova Gorica): "Chainshifting in šmartno and Input Positional Faithfulness".

Danielle Moed presented with Ivona Kucerova and Victor Kuperman (McMaster University): "What eye-movements tell us about NP-movement? Investigating the English Middle Construction".

Also presenting at WCCFL were Will Oxford (University of Toronto/University of Manitoba) and alumnus Richard Compton (McGill University).Will gave a talk entitled: "Intralanguage variation in multiple person agreement"; Richard presented a poster: "Mood variance as evidence for genuine object agreement in Inuit."

Hopefully everybody enjoyed the sunny break from winter!

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