March 24, 2014

MO(L)T(H), McGill University, March 22-23

McGill University ended up hosting a veritable extravaganza in theoretical linguistics this weekend: a joint meeting of the MOLT workshop in phonology (Montréal-Ottawa-Laval-Toronto) and the MOTH workshop in syntax (Montréal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton).

Four members of the department gave presentations:

Diane Massam (faculty)
Split argument positions and ergativity

Jessica Mathie (Ph.D.)
Is plural more marked than dual? Evidence from Yukulta

Christopher Spahr (Ph.D.)
What's in a non-segmental contrast?

Rebecca Tollan (Ph.D.)
Argument structure and active vs. strict (un)ergative alignment

Seven presented posters:

Julianne Doner (Ph.D.)
Variable parameters for stress in Spanish across verbs and non-verbs

Richard Gananathan (MA)
A wug test of the productivity of Sino-Japanese assimilation

Ross Godfrey (Ph.D.)
Effects of morphological complexity and word novelty on English vowel duration

Yu-Leng Lin (Ph.D.)
Differential mapping of L1 phonetic categories and its effect on L2 perception: evidence from sibilants in Taiwan Mandarin and English

Dan Milway (Ph.D.)
Null pronouns in English particle verb constructions

Iryna Osadcha (Ph.D.)
Nominal stress in Ukrainian

Rebecca Tollan (Ph.D.)
Sonority, typology and ontogeny: acquisition of consonant clusters in Russian

The keynote address, centred on the syntax-phonology interface, was given by alumnus Glyne Piggott (Ph.D. 1974), now a professor emeritus at McGill.

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

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