March 25, 2014

Canadian Language Museum exhibit on Canadian French

Yesterday, for the third year in a row, New College hosted the opening of a portable exhibit put together by the Canadian Language Museum. This year's is Le français au Canada: d'un océan à l'autre (French in Canada: From Coast to Coast), co-sponsored by the departments of Linguistics and Information Science at the U of T and by the Français: à la mesure d'une continent project at the University of Ottawa.

The exhibit features six panels in both English and French describing how French became established in North America and how its dialects in Canada (Québec, Acadian, etc.) compare. There is also a set of recordings of songs and stories, plus a map with QR codes that can connect smartphones with University of Ottawa recordings of 18 different varieties of North American French.

Thanks to Elaine Gold for overseeing the CLM's now multiple travelling exhibits, to France Martineau of the University of Ottawa for all of her assistance and contributions, to the Museum Studies students who put hours into preparing to launch the exhibit, and to everyone else who had a hand in establishing this and the other exhibits.

Photos by Kenji Oda:

The exhibit.

Recordings of four stories/songs in various types of French.

Elizabeth Cowper, Yves Roberge, and Alana Johns discuss the exhibit.

Elaine Gold welcomes everyone.

Keren Rice, Yves, and Jack Chambers at the exhibit.

An excellent collaboration.

Thanks to everyone who attended the opening!

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