March 15, 2014

Congratulations, Julie and Alex!

We received wonderful news from Leslie Saxon, President of the CLA, yesterday: Ph.D. students from our department have received both the Best Student Paper Award and the Best Student Poster Award at the 2013 CLA.

Congratulations to Julie Goncharov (Best Student Paper) and Alex Motut (Best Student Poster) for their outstanding work!

Here are the citations:

Best paper/Meilleure communication:  Julie Goncharov (University of Toronto): “Self-superlatives”

Julie Goncharov's presentation was simply impeccable: it was perfectly paced, the data were clearly presented, the argumentation was solid and her analysis was sound.   The aspect of her presentation that was truly remarkable was the way she handled the Q/C period: she was attentive to the questions and comments and answered all questions thoroughly. She conducted herself very professionally.

Best poster/Meilleure affiche:  Alexandra Motut (University of Toronto): “A semantics for object-oriented depictives and their connection to partitives”

Alexandra Motut’s poster was clear and well organized and contained all the information necessary.  Her oral presentation of the poster was lucid and systematic.  The data and arguments were totally understandable.  The analysis is innovative since it explains in a simple manner a wide range of data that were not accounted for in the literature, and has strong predictive power.

Leslie would also like to thank our depatment for how it supports graduate students generally. Thanks to all of you who participate so actively in the CLA.

(Post courtesy of Keren Rice.)

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