May 24, 2017

Video interview with Sali Tagliamonte on the Ling Space

Here's a great interview with Sali Tagliamonte (faculty):

Video description on YouTube:

We're really excited to have gotten to interview Sali Tagliamonte at the Linguistic Society of America meeting in January! Dr. Tagliamonte is a full professor at the University of Toronto, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. She's written a bunch of books and articles about sociolinguistics, and how languages shift and vary over time. You can find out more about her and her work at

In our interview, we discussed the following topics:
- why it's so important to investigate how teens use language, and what facets of adolescent speech she finds most interesting
- what differences we can find in spoken vs. online language use
- the Toronto English Project, and the changes we see in people's language use over the course of their lives
- how language might look in the future
- how to better inform people about how language variation works
- the role of social media in telling people about linguistics, and in language change

... and more! Thanks again to Dr. Tagliamonte for speaking with us.

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