May 7, 2017

Canadian Linguistic Association 2017

This year's meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association is being held at Ryerson University here in Toronto from May 27th to May 29th. UofT is extremely well represented; searching the schedule for "U Toronto" gives 46 results (!!), and that's not even including alumni.

I'm dividing this into three sections: current UofT linguistics, UofT linguistics alumni, and other departments at UofT.

Current UofT Linguistics

María Cristina Cuervo (faculty): Optional SE under light causative verbs

Maida Percival (Ph.D.): An ultrasound study of the implosive in Eastern Oromo

Çağrı Bilgin (MA): Accounting for dispreferred null subjects in partial null subject languages

Susana Béjar (faculty) & Arsalan Kahnemuyipour (faculty): Number matching under ellipsis: Assumed identity contexts

Alexei Kochetov (faculty): Long-distance assimilatory effects in English sibilants

Patrick Murphy (Ph.D.): I’m done my homework: Complement coercion with aspectual adjectives

Clarissa Forbes (Ph.D.): Extraction, morphosyntax and wh-agreement in Gitksan

Rebecca Tollan (Ph.D.) & Will Oxford (Ph.D. 2014, now at the University of Manitoba): Distinguishing VoiceP subjects and vP subjects in Algonquian

Ryan Decaire (faculty), Alana Johns (faculty) & Ivona Kučerová (McMaster): On optionality in Mohawk noun incorporation

Emily Blamire (U Toronto): A syntactic analysis of because x in English… because linguistics!

María Cristina Cuervo (faculty) & Sophie Harrington (Spanish & Portuguese): Experiencers, negation, and polarity mood

Darcie Blainey (post-doc): Schwa behaviour in four North American French varieties

Ziwen Tracy Tan (BA) & Naomi Nagy (faculty): VOT in heritage and Hong Kong Cantonese

Bronwyn Bjorkman (former post-doc, now at Queen's) & Peter Jurgec (faculty): Indexation to stems and words predicts long-distance morphophonological effects

Aaron Dinkin (faculty): Changing phonology, stable borders: The low back merger in northern New York

Iryna Osadcha (Ph.D.): Influence of Russian on the stress patterns of the East Sloboda dialect of Ukrainian

Kinza Mahoon (MA): Sluicing in Hindi-Urdu: Additional evidence for top copy availability

Fulang Chen (MA): Chinese truck-drivers in Distributed Morphology

Elizabeth Cowper (faculty) & Daniel Currie Hall (Ph.D. 2007, now at Saint Mary's): First-order person features and the contrastive hierarchy

Erin Hall (Ph.D.) & Ana Perez-Leroux (faculty): The problem with with: Children’s comprehension of PP embedding

Emilia Melara (Ph.D.): What the Russian subjunctive marker tells us but doesn’t say

Dan Milway (Ph.D.): ACC-ing clauses and labels

Arsalan Kahnemuyipour (faculty): Negation is low in Persian: Evidence from nominalization

Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux (faculty), Yves Roberge (French), and Anna Frolova (French): Complexity in syntax: The case of recursive modification in French L1

Kiranpreet Nara (Ph.D.): Acoustic and electroglottographic study of native and heritage Gujarati speakers

Angelika Kiss (Ph.D.): Since when? as a question about the common ground

Julianne Doner (Ph.D.): Predicate-sensitive EPP

Virgilio Partida-Peñalva (Ph.D.): Stripping in Spanish. Focalized PP remnants

UofT Linguistics Alumni

Richard Compton (Ph.D. 2012, now at UQAM): Left-periphery φ-agreement and A-movement in Inuktitut

Julie Goncharov (Ph.D. 2016, now at Hebrew University of Jerusalem) & Monica Irimia (Ph.D 2011, now at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia): Modal comparatives: A cross-linguistic picture

Daniel Currie Hall (Ph.D. 2007, now at St. Mary's University): The contrastive scope of [±tense] in Laurentian French

Avery Ozburn (MA 2013, now at UBC): Asymmetric re-pairing in Hungarian vowel harmony

Solveiga Armoskaite (Rochester), Liisa Duncan (Ph.D. 2015, now at York) & Päivi Koskinen (MA 1992/Ph.D. 1998, now at Kwantlen Polytechnic University): Refining sound interpretation in Finnish ideophones

Will Oxford (Ph.D. 2014, now at University of Manitoba): Proximate DP, obviative KP: Balancing the morphosyntax and pragmatics of obviation

Bettina Spreng (Ph.D. 2012, now at University of Saskatchewan): The absentive: Time, person, and place deixis

Jila Ghomeshi (Ph.D. 1996, now at University of Manitoba): Ad hoc categories and syntactic juxtaposition

Other UofT Departments

Sophie Harrington (Spanish & Portuguese): I don’t believe it! TP- versus CP-ellipsis in negated Spanish epistemic constructions

Olivia Marasco (Spanish & Portuguese): L2 Spanish initial intonation cues in Y/N questions and statements: The link between perception and production

Suyeon Yun (UTSC French & Linguistics): Perceptual similarity in fricative-initial cluster adaptation

Matthew Patience (Spanish & Portuguese): Hierarchy of articulatory difficulty of Spanish sounds for L1 and L2 Spanish speakers

Anabela Rato (Spanish & Portuguese): Production of English vowels by Portuguese learners: Effect of perceptual training

Caitlin Gaffney (French), Lulu Li (French), and Jeffrey Steele (French): The effect of context on L2 speech perception difficulty: Evidence from learners of French

Olga Tararova (Spanish & Portuguese), Malina Radu (Spanish & Portuguese(, Laura Colantoni (Spanish & Portuguese), Alana Johns (faculty), Gaby Klassen (Spanish & Portuguese), and Matthew Patience (Spanish & Portuguese): Task effects in the production of English sentence-types by native Inuktitut speakers

Stephanie Côté (French): The effects of executive WM, phonological WM, and foreign language anxiety on grammatical gender agreement in L2 French

Katherine Hilary Walton (French): A-t-on besoin des études italiennes ? Une étude des distinctions et des similarités des facteurs qui mènent à l’acquisition du paramètre du sujet nul en italien et en espagnol

Olga Tararova (Spanish & Portuguese): Does the task really matter? The elicitation of negative doubling across four tasks in Chipileño Spanish

Aran Oberle (French): Influence translinguistique dans l’attrition du /l/ sombre chez les anglophones apprenants du français L2 : Effet de l’immersion dans un milieu francophone

Michelle Troberg (UTM) & Patricia Wyslobocka (UTM): Jus: A portrait of a verb particle in Medieval French

Meï-Lan Mamode (French): Acquisition de la prosodie en français langue seconde : Stratégies énonciatives chez les anglophones de niveau avancé

Mihaela Pirvulescu (French), Rena Helms-Park (UTSC), & Maria Claudia Petrescu (Ryerson): Trilingual effects at the microstructure and macrostructure levels in children’s narratives

Erin Pettibone (Spanish & Portuguese), Gabrielle Klassen (Spanish & Portuguese), and Malina Radu (Spanish & Portuguese): Interpreting ellipsis in L2 Spanish

Aurélie Takam (French): Connaissances morphologiques et développement lexical chez les enfants d’âge préscolaire en milieu multilingue

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