May 5, 2017

Linguistics Event #2 for Canada 150 - Photos

The department held its second (of three) linguistics events for Canada 150 on April 28th, 2017: "Toronto Language Tapestry: Exploring Heritage Languages". It was organized by Naomi Nagy, with organizational assistance was provided by: Katharina Pabst, Savannah Meslin, Darcie Blainey, Frederick Gietz, Robert Prazeres, Elaine Gold and Diane Massam.

Here are some pictures (from the event website).

Welcome to all!
Lots to discuss.
Rachel and Phil get started.
Rapt audience.
Rachel grows up bilingual.
Phil grows up monolingual.
Phil and graphs.
Tracy explains VOT.
Joanne shows stats.
Richard and Pélagie listen.
Paulina justifies HLVC method.
Darcie and Paulina listen.
Coffee break! (Brea, Savannah, Robert, Katharina, Shayna, Emily B).
Jeff & Joanne.

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