March 2, 2016


The ninth annual TULCON (Toronto Undergraduate Linguistics Conference) will be taking place this weekend, from Friday the 4th to Sunday the 6th. Kudos to the organisers for all the time and effort that they have put in.

The keynote talks are being given by faculty members Peter Jurgec and Sali A. Tagliamonte. Undergrads of ours who are giving talks are:

Angela Baer, Deirdre Demson, and Cedric Ludlow:
"Language reconstructing via noun incorporating: A focus on Proto-Iroquoian."

Fulang Chen:
"Complex nominals in Niuean."

Vina Law and Anna Huynh:
"The Midas touch of sound: How congruent tactile cues enhance auditory speech perception."

Taeho Lee, Chris Klammer, and Sarah Moncur:
"Tonogenesis in Korean: Assimilation of tonal distinction from Seoul Standard dialect to regional dialects."

Kathy Leung and Rachel Soo:
"Phonetic variation in native Mandarin and L2 English stop voicing contrasts."

Cedric Ludlow:
"Syllabification of harmonic clusters in Georgian."

Alissa Varlamova:
"A longitudinal study of the early language development of non-identical triplets."

Luke Zhou:
"The dark side of the loon: A sociophonetic sketch of the Canadian English lateral."

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