March 23, 2016

Report from WICL 3

After warming up with a poster at the Undergraduate Research Forum back at the U of T, the Heritage Language Variation and Change Project took part in the 3rd Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics (WICL 3) at Ohio State University.

We learned a lot about recent research in Cantonese, and are especially excited about the PyCantonese tool. Linguistics BA student Sam Lo and Research Opportunity Program student Zahid Daujee presented a talk about variability in classifiers, co-authored with linguistics majors Qianling Elaine Wang and Deepam Patel, economics major Junrui Alfred Wu, and Professor Naomi Nagy. Former visiting student Holman Tse (University of Pittsburgh) also presented two talks, one with colleague Andrew Peters (York University).

(Photos courtesy of Naomi Nagy: see the HLVC news page for more!)

Zahid, Sam, and Andrew prepare for their talks.

Naomi studies Cantonese during the conference dinner.

Holman explains the Cantonese vowel space.

 Sam and Zahid's presentation on classifiers in Cantonese and Korean.

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