March 13, 2016

MOLT 2016

This year's Montréal-Ottawa-Laval-Toronto Phonology Workshop will be taking place at Carleton University in Ottawa from March 18 to 20. Our department will be well-represented, especially when it comes to the grad students!

Mary Aksim (MA):
"Perceiving the Canadian Vowel Shift."

Laura Colantoni (faculty), Alexei Kochetov (faculty), and Jeffrey Steele (faculty):
"Gestural overlap and gradient assimilation in French (nasal + velar stop) sequences."

Elan Dresher (faculty) with colleague Aditi Lahiri (University of Oxford):
"Latinate suffixes and the directionality of English stress."

Gloria Mellesmoen (MA):
"Say 'æ', B.C.: Pre-nasal /æ/ in British Columbia English."

Kiranpreet Nara (Ph.D.):
"Acoustic analysis of Punjabi stress and tone (Doabi dialect)."

Heather Yawney (Ph.D.):
"Prosodic inversion of the yes/no question marker in the Turkish verbal domain."

Former visiting student Michael Wagner (McGill University) is a part of two talks. With McGill colleagues Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron and Meghan Clayards, he is presenting "The effect of production planning locality on external sandhi: a study in /t/." With a different set of McGill colleagues, Michael McAuliffe and Morgan Sonderegger, "A system for unified corpus analysis, applied to polysyllabic shortening across twelve languages."

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