June 10, 2014

HLVC happenings

(Post courtesy of Naomi Nagy.)

It's been a busy week and a half for the HLVC project. On behalf of his colleagues - undergrads Naomi Cui, Vina Law, and Minyi Zhu, and faculty member Naomi Nagy - visiting student Holman Tse presented our ongoing analysis of variation in Heritage Cantonese speakers' vowel production at CVC 8 in Kingston.

Simultaneously, Naomi reported on variation in pro-drop patterns in Heritage and Homeland Faetar and Italian at the Contatto Interlinguistico conference in Pescara, Italy. It was her first time presenting at a conference where there was another talk about Faetar. Here she is with fellow Faetar researcher Carmela Perta:

Then Naomi zipped off to Szeged, Hungary, for a day to help an urban
dialectology group there get up to speed with analysis in ELAN. Here she is with their team:

...and with (2012) visiting student Timea Molnár, also working on pro-drop, but in Heritage Hungarian :

With Naomi and Timi is the man who won a Nobel Prize for extracting vitamin C from paprika. (Szeged is the paprika capital of Hungary.)

And just for good measure, coffee and snacks at a highway truck-stop between Szeged and Budapest.

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