June 19, 2014

CRC-Sponsored Summer Phonetics/Phonology Workshop

The CRC-Sponsored Summer Phonetics/Phonology Workshop is taking place today, June 19, in Woodsworth College (WW) 120. The program features an invited talk by Sharon Rose (UCSD) at 4:15, "Transparency and centralization in Moro vowel harmony: phonetics and phonology", and also the B. Elan Dresher Phonology Prize Talk by Avery Ozburn, "Statistical laryngeal harmony in Oromo".

Here is the full list of presentations:

Yoonjung Kang (UofT Linguistics, UT Scarborough) & Andrea Hòa Pham (U Florida)
French loanwords in Vietnamese: the role of input language phonotactics and contrast

Peter Avery (York U)
Consonant-tone interactions

Graziela Pigatto Bohn (U São Paulo)
The acquisition of pre-tonic vowels in Brazilian Portuguese

Erin Hall (UofT Linguistics)
Style and substance in the Canadian Shift: New evidence from Toronto

Maida Percival (UofT Linguistics)
Counter-bleeding opacity in Hul’q’umi’num’ vowel harmony

Kazuya Bamba (UofT Linguistics)
An OT analysis of Dagbani ATR harmony

Radu Craioveanu & Ross Godfrey (UofT Linguistics)
A nonagreement analysis of long-distance vowel-consonant assimilation in Harari

Avery Ozburn (UofT Linguistics)
Statistical laryngeal harmony in Oromo

Ranjan Sen (U Sheffield)
Pre-Classical prevarication in Latin feet: Stratal synchronic structure and discretionary
diachronic development

Holman Tse (U Pittsburgh)
Retroflexion in Somali Kizigua: Language relatedness as a facilitating factor in a
typologically rare sound change?

Daphna Heller (UofT Linguistics)
Morphological activation during spoken word recognition: beyond sound and meaning?

Ross Godfrey (UofT Linguistics)
Morphologically conditioned durational effects in English: Phonetic implementation or
lexical access?

Gillian de Boer (UofT Speech Language Pathology)
Application of linear discriminant analysis to the Long Term Averaged Spectra of
simulated resonance disorders: A pilot study

Holman Tse (U Pittsburgh) & Naomi Nagy (UofT Linguistics)
Exploring automated formant analysis for variationist study of Heritage Cantonese

Anneke Slis (UofT Speech Language Pathology)
The effect of articulatory constraints on gestural intrusion and reduction errors

Sharon Rose (UCSD)
Transparency and centralization in Moro vowel harmony: phonetics and phonology

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