April 28, 2014

Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages 44

The 2014 LSRL is being held at the University of Western Ontario from May 2 to 4.

Current linguistics department members giving talks or posters are:

Julianne Doner (Ph.D.)
Variable edge parameters in Spanish verbal and non-verbal stress

Christopher Spahr (Ph.D.)
A morphological basis for the European Portuguese low-vowel contrast

Maria Cristina Cuervo (faculty) is co-presenting a paper with Hispanic-linguistics Ph.D. student Joanne Markle LaMontagne:
Building the reference to the past: L1 acquisition of the Spanish present perfect

Laura Colantoni (cross-appointed faculty) is part of a presentation with several colleagues:
Prosodic phrasing of ambiguous sentences: A comparative study

French professor and sociolinguist Anne-José Villeneuve is co-presenting a paper with colleague Philip Comeau (University of Ottawa):
The expression of future temporal reference in Vimeu French

A number of other students associated with the Hispanic linguistics or French linguistics programs at the U of T are also presenting.

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