April 4, 2014


Bronwyn Bjorkman and Elizabeth Cowper presented in the Semantics Workshop at GLOW 37 (Brussels) this week: "Possession and necessity: from individuals to worlds".

Also at GLOW were a number of alumni. In the main colloquium:

Richard Compton (McGill University) had a poster:
An argument for genuine object phi-agreement in Inuit: Evidence from mood variance

Niina Ning Zhang (National Chung Cheng University) had a poster:
Degree Words: Modifiers or Functional Head Elements?

Ewan Dunbar (Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique ENS / EHESS / CNRS) gave a talk:
Cyclic opacity facilitates phonological interpretation

And in the Phonology Workshop:

Daniel Currie Hall (Saint Mary’s University) gave a talk:
Substance use in moderation: Contrast and content in phonological features

You can visit the conference website here:

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