September 29, 2017

2016-2017 Undergraduate Awards

We are pleased to announce the winners of 4 Undergraduate Awards in Linguistics for 2016-17:
  • The Chambers Award is awarded to Katherine Alexandra Sung, Specialist in Linguistics
  • The McNab Award is awarded to Toshiaki Kamifuji, Specialist in Linguistics
  • The Rogers Award is awarded to Yan-Lum Charissa Chan, Major in Linguistics
A new award is added this year, for outstanding achievement in required 200-level courses:
  • The Gold Award is awarded to Jeffrey Wang, Major in Linguistics
There are also two runners-up for this award:
  • Toshiaki Kamifuji, Specialist in Linguistics
  • Calahan Janik-Jones, Specialist in Linguistics
Congratulations to all these students for their academic achievements!

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