April 27, 2017

Alex Motut: new coordinator of the WIT program

Alex Motut (Ph.D.) has been hired by UofT for a one-year position as an Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream) in the area of Writing Instruction, where she will be the coordinator of the WIT program. She's taking this position after being involved with WIT as the Lead Writing TA for our department (not to mention her other pedagogical experience being involved in e.g. the Teaching Assistants' Training Program, etc.).

WIT (Writing Instruction for TAs) is an initiative within the Faculty of Arts and Science with the goal of ensuring that, in addition to learning the material of a course, students develop their writing skills so they can properly express their knowledge of the material. (This is tailored toward each field, so that students in Chemistry learn how to write lab reports, etc.) As the name suggests, WIT focuses on the role of teaching assistants in improving students' writing skills.

Congrats, Alex!

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