April 2, 2016

MOTH 2016

Our Mississauga campus is hosting this year's Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton (MOTH) syntax workshop on April 15 and 16. Anyone planning to attend is encouraged to register as soon as possible via the website so that the organizers have a good sense of how many people to expect.

The invited speaker is Ivona Kučerová (McMaster University), and there will be a dinner on Friday evening after her talk.

Current and former department members presenting are numerous:

Juvénal Ndayiragije (faculty):
"There is a cost to external Merge."

Julien Carrier (Ph.D.):
"The double-object construction in Inuktitut."

Heather Yawney (Ph.D.):
"Turkish verbal suspended affixation."

Dylan Bandstra (MA):
"Inalienable possession in Tlingit."

Shay Hucklebridge (MA):
"Relativization as nominalization: Head-internal relative clauses in Tłı̧cho̧ Yatıı̀."

Hong-Yan Liu (MA):
"The Mandarin ba-construction."

Zoë McKenzie (MA):
"Multifunctionality of the optative mood in Inuktitut."

Symon Stevens-Guille (MA):
"A timing-based account of RNR identity."

Alumna Yining Nie (MA 2015, now at New York University):
"Why is there NOM - NOM but no ERG - ERG?"

Kudos to the organizers on their hard work!

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