April 13, 2016

LIN1205: Experimental Design presentations

In the department lounge on Monday the 18th, starting at 12 PM, Meg Grant's LIN1205: Experimental Design students will be making brief presentations about their final projects.

Maida Percival (Ph.D.) and Kazuya Bamba (Ph.D.):
"'Segmental intonation' in tonal vs. non-tonal languages."

Kelly-Ann Blake (BA) and Frederick Gietz (Ph.D.):
"Accommodation in conversation between experts and novices."

Kiranpreet Nara (Ph.D.) and Maksym Shkvorets (MA):
"Generational change in perception and production of VOT in Heritage Ukrainian."

Erin Pettibone (Ph.D., Department of Spanish and Portuguese) and Kristen DonPaul (MA)

Everyone is welcome!

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