September 25, 2015

NWAV 44 is coming!

We are less than a month away from NWAV 44, North America's premier sociolinguistics conference, being co-hosted this year by the University of Toronto and York University. 7 plenary speakers, representing many intersections between sociolinguistics and other subfields, are invited; 3 parties are planned; 19 students will receive free crash space; T-shirts and toques are designed, 2 student prizes will be awarded; reps from 6 publishers will attend; Sali will launch 1 new book; 7 workshops are offered; 35 departments, colleges, universities and associations are supporting the event; the Canadian Language Museum will have two exhibits on display; and some 300 participants are registered.

The full program is posted (penultimate draft available here).

Please direct questions to the local organizing committee:

Philipp Sebastian Angermeyer, York University
Aaron Dinkin, University of Toronto
Michol Hoffman, York University
Naomi Nagy, University of Toronto
Sali A. Tagliamonte, University of Toronto
Anne-José Villeneuve, University of Alberta
James Walker, York University

We look forward to seeing many of you at the conference! Registration is open online.

p.s. Tweet about your favourite #torontointersections to help with the buzz!

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