September 13, 2015

Conference on Gender, Class, and Determination

The University of Ottawa is hosting "Gender, Class, and Determination: A Conference on the Nominal Spine" between September 18 and 20. The conference is aimed at syntacticians and semanticists who are interested in how noun phrases operate across languages, particularly when it comes to how nouns are classified into genders and other categories. One of the goals is to further investigations into the structure of the nominal spine.

Alumna Jila Ghomeshi (Ph.D. 1996) and faculty member Diane Massam are presenting an invited talk: "Types of # across DPs."

The invited student speaker for the conference is Clarissa Forbes (Ph.D.).

Nicholas Welch (postdoc) and alumnus Will Oxford (Ph.D. 2014) are presenting a talk with colleague Bethany Lochbihler (University of Edinburgh): "The person-animacy connection: Evidence from Algonquian and Dene."

Another of the invited speakers is alumna Carrie Gillon (MA 1999, now at Arizona State University).

Alumna Kyumin Kim (Ph.D. 2011, now at Cheongju University) is presenting a poster with colleague Paul Melchin (University of Ottawa): "Plural, classifier, and the role of division in a classifier language."

Former visiting student Elizabeth Ritter (now at Ben Gurion University and the University of Calgary) is co-presenting a paper with Martina Wiltschko (UBC): "On the contribution of animacy to noun classification and referential indexing."

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