June 8, 2015

In memoriam: Saila Michael (1968-2015)

We are very sorry to announce that Saila Michael has suddenly passed away. Saila was a teacher of Inuktitut, a superb language consultant, and a friend around the department for years. Her judgments and intuitions were an enormous help to our scholarly community and formed the backbone of many doctoral theses, Generals papers, and MA Forum papers. Her legacy around the department is that of considerable linguistic knowledge and abundant warm memories.

(Thanks to Alana Johns for the details.)


  1. I am thankful WHITL posted this, or I would not have otherwise found out about Saila's passing. I last bumped into Saila in the subway a few months ago. I recall our Inuktitut classes fondly, always full of laughter. How sad and what a premature loss!

    Does anyone know where donations in her name may be made or about funeral or memorial services?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Sandhya. Apologies for the delay: we've only just been alerted to the existence of a memorial page for Saila (http://turnerporter.permavita.com/site/SailaMichael.html). It hasn't been linked to any charities yet; however, there are a few more details available there, and you may be able to reach family members through the guestbook. We'll let you know if we hear anything more helpful!