May 18, 2015

Canadian Linguistic Association 2015

This year's annual meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association will be held at the University of Ottawa from May 30 to June 1. People from our department taking part include many undergraduates, grad students, postdocs, faculty, and alumni!

Current department members involved in presentations and/or posters are as follows:

Kazuya Bamba (MA 2014/incoming Ph.D. student):
"D feature and impersonal SE: A new perspective on Romance impersonal constructions."

Susana Béjar (faculty), Arsalan Kahnemuyipour (faculty), Jessica Mathie (Ph.D.), and Tomohiro Yokoyama (Ph.D.):
"Number matching in small clauses: Can we agree on Concord?"

Bronwyn Bjorkman (postdoc) and Elizabeth Cowper (faculty):
"Where there is, and why."

Laura Colantoni (faculty), Gabrielle Klassen (Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese), Matthew J. Patience (Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese), Malina Radu (MA, Spanish and Portuguese), and Olga Tararova (Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese):
"Production of redundant and primary prosodic cues to sentence type by L1 Spanish and Mandarin learners of English."

Elizabeth Cowper (faculty), Daniel Currie Hall (Ph.D. 2007), Bronwyn Bjorkman (postdoc), Rebecca Tollan (Ph.D.) and Neil Banerjee (BA):
"There’s no future in Old English."

Julianne Doner (Ph.D.):
"Not [uD]: Redefining the EPP requirement."

Mélanie Elliott (Ph.D., French) and Mihaela Pirvulescu (faculty):
"The acquisition of direct object clitics in the Spanish of bilingual Spanish-French children."

Keffyalew Gebregziabher (postdoc):
"A split analysis of Tigrinya nominal possessive constructions."

Julie Goncharov (Ph.D.):
"Please, trim your replies! A hybrid fragment answer in Russian."

Yoonjung Kang (faculty), Yaruna Cooblal (BA), Sneha George (BA), Rachel Soo (BA), and Jestine Abella (BA):
"The effect of lexical stress on the phonetic realization of voicing contrast in Tagalog: Native and Heritage comparison."

Kyumin Kim (Ph.D. 2011) and colleague Paul B. Melchin (University of Ottawa):
"Pluralizer as a nP modifier: Evidence from Korean -tul."

Diane Massam (faculty), Kazuya Bamba (MA 2014/incoming Ph.D. student), and Patrick Murphy (Ph.D.):
"The universal null pronoun in instructional contexts and beyond."

Mercedeh Mohaghegh (Ph.D.) and colleague Yasaman Rafat (University of Western Ontario):
"Geminate consonant production across three generations of Farsi-Engish-speaking Iranian-Canadian bilinguals."

Annick Morin (Ph.D.):
"Où en est tu? A cross-linguistic approach to Quebec French polar interrogatives."

Patrick Murphy (Ph.D.):
"Non-ergative case splits: A view from Finnish."

Yining Nie (MA):
"Tense and modality in French verbal morphology."

Iryna Osadcha (Ph.D.):
"The lexical stress in East Slavic."

Maida Percival (MA 2014/incoming Ph.D. student):
"Shifting GEN in harmonic serialism: Evidence from Halkomelem."

Jessamyn Schertz (postdoc), Yoonjung Kang (faculty), and colleague Sungwhoo Han (Inha):
"The role of acoustic evidence in resolving phonological ambiguity."

Maksym Shkvorets (BA 2015/incoming MA student):
"The loss of reflexive possessive pronouns in heritage Ukrainian."

Jim Smith (Ph.D.):
"Sociophonetic variation of Northern Ontario English vowels: Canadian Shift in two non-urban communities."

Nicholas Welch (postdoc):
"Light verbs as copulas with additional arguments."

Alumni who are involved are:

Wladyslaw Cichocki (Ph.D. 1986, now at the University of New Brunswick) is presenting a poster with colleague Yves Perreault (Université de Moncton):
"Differences between read and spontaneous speech: An application of rhythm metrics to a New Brunswick variety of Acadian French."

Richard Compton (Ph.D. 2012, now at l'Université de Québec à Montréal):
"Distinguishing Inuit verb-like adjectives from genuine stative intransitive verbs

Emilie LeBlanc (MA 2014, now at York University) and colleague Selena Phillips-Boyle (York University):
"Discourse markers well and ben in Chiac."

Beth MacLeod (Ph.D. 2012, now at Carleton University) is presenting a poster:
"Quantifying the perceptual salience of the differences between two dialects of Spanish."

Sara Mackenzie (Ph.D. 2009, now at Memorial University of Newfoundland) with colleagues Paul DeDecker (Memorial University of Newfoundland) and Rosanna Pierson (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
"Losing light /l/: An acoustic and articulatory investigation of Newfoundland English."

Sara Mackenzie (Ph.D. 2009, now at Memorial University of Newfoundland) with colleague Daiho Kitaoka (University of Ottawa):
"Evidence for the mora: Analysis of a Japanese reversing game."

Avery Ozburn (MA 2014, now at the University of British Columbia):
"Perceptual motivations of sibilant harmony."

Nicole Rosen (Ph.D. 2007, now at the University of Manitoba) with colleague Carrie Gillon (Arizona State University):
"Reanalyzing Michif 'determiners'."

Marina Sherkina-Lieber (Ph.D. 2011) with colleague Kumiko Murasugi (Carleton University):
"Noun incorporation and case in heritage Inuktitut."

Former visiting student Michael Wagner (McGill University) is part of a poster presentation with colleagues Junko Shimoyama (McGill University), Alex Drummond (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), and Bernhard Schwarz (McGill University):
"A no-source puzzle for clausal ellipsis in right dislocation, sluicing and fragments."


  1. Neil Banerjee is a current undergrad at U of T.

    1. Sorry for the error! Thanks very much for the correction.

  2. Yasaman Rafat (Western) & Mercedeh Mohaghegh (Toronto): Geminate consonant production across three generations of Farsi-Engish-speaking Iranian-Canadian bilinguals". Please include this talk in your list as well. Thank you!

    1. Apologies for the omission, Mercedeh! Thanks for letting us know.