July 4, 2014

Undergraduate linguistics students partner with Language Activists in M'Chigeeng.

A new website, Baadwewedamojig, has recently been launched promoting the transliteration of historic Ojibwe texts into current orthography. This website results from a collaboration between the 2012 undergraduate language revitalization class (LIN 458 - taught by Professor Alana Johns), a sub-group of those linguistics students (Robin McLeod, Paulina Lyskawa, and Annita Chow), and a graduate student from Computing Science (Patricia Thaine) who provided their transliteration and computing expertise to a project headed by Alan Corbiere of M'Chigeeng First Nation. Mr. Corbiere with the team from M'Chigeeng has created a site where learners and fluent speakers can read and listen to Ojibwe stories in various formats, according to their level and choice.

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