May 3, 2013

SALT 23 and CVC 7

Michela Ippolito is travelling to UC Santa Cruz this weekend to present at the 23rd Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) conference taking place May 3-5. Her talk is entitled "Counterfactuals, Similarity, and Conditional Questions Under Discussion".

We are also hosting the 7th annual Change and Variation in Canada (CVC) workshop this weekend, May 4-5. Jack Chambers and Philip Comeau (University of Ottawa) are the plenary speakers, and several members of our department are giving talks. These include:
  • Matt Hunt Gardner, Derek Denis, Marisa Brook, Sali Tagliamonte, and the U of T             Quotative Project: "I'm like, 'It's different in York'": Real-time and apparent-time            quotative trends in Toronto, Canada and York, England
  • Derek Denis: On the (non-)grammaticalization of utterance-final right in Canadian            English
  • Matt Hunt Gardner: Word-final [t,d] in Cape Breton English
  • Chris Harvey: Any and no negation in Southern Ontario English
  • James Smith: Sociophonetic variation of word-final stop voicing in Toronto English
Other members of U of T who are presenting include:
  • Anne-José Villeneuve: La chute du /l/ dans les pronoms clitiques en français du Vimeu
  • André Arsenault: To my Lady say: "Thus speaks your servant": Sociolinguistic                   variation and the Gender Paradox in the Old Babylonian of Mari 
  • Yannis John Koumarianos: Adjective suffixation across three generations of                      Italian-Canadians 
The full schedule is available here.

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