May 30, 2013

CLA 2013

Several members of our department are in, or on their way to, BC for the CLA, which takes place this weekend (June 1-3) at the University of Victoria.

The following will be giving talks:
  • Susana Béjar & Arsalan Kahnemuyipour: Agreement in copular clauses embedded in modal contexts
  • Marisa Brook: Intersecting phonotactic restrictions and their perceptual effects
  • Laura Colantoni, Olivia Marasco, Jeffrey Steele & Simona Sunara: Temporal and spectral parameters in the L2 acquisition of prosodic prominence
  • Elizabeth Cowper & Daniel Currie Hall (Saint Mary’s): English modals: Evidence for a neoparametric theory of phrase structure
  • Derek Denis: The social meaning of Eh in Canadian English
  • Julianne Doner: The acquisition of first-Order CP and DP recursion: A longitudinal case study
  • B. Elan Dresher: Contrastive vowel features in West Germanic
  • Clarissa Forbes: Number in the Gitksan nominal domain: Plural [plural] projections
  • Ross Godfrey: Inner and outer causatives in a type-driven semantics
  • Julie Goncharov: Self-superlatives
  • Alana Johns: Ergativity lives: Eastern Canadian Inuktitut and *clitic doubling
  • Diane Massam: Double and single ‘be’ Constructions in spoken English
  • Safieh Moghaddam: On split ergativity – Evidence from Davani
  • Rebecca Tollan: Deriving morphological ergativity in Basque
  • Tomohiro Yokoyama: Licensing of the question marker ka in Japanese
  • Michelle Yuan: A-bar fronting in Dinka: Evidence for a left-peripheral domain below CP
There will also be a number of poster presentations given by members of our department:
  • Bronwyn Bjorkman & Elizabeth Cowper: Inflectional shells and the syntax of causative have
  • Radu Craioveanu: The rise and fall of aspirated fricatives
  • B. Elan Dresher, Christopher Harvey & Will Oxford: Feature hierarchies and phonological change
  • Mercedeh Mohaghegh: An acoustic analysis of Persian word-final consonants within clusters
  • Alexandra Motut: A semantics for object-oriented depictives and their connection to partitives
Several alumni will also be in attendance to present talks and posters:
  • Monica Irimia: Non-canonical, but structural
  • Kenji Oda: On Apparent Adjective fronting in Irish
  • Kyumin Kim (Calgary): PERSON all the way in Blackfoot: Evidence from psych-predicates
  • Richard Compton (Queen’s): Incorporation and ellipsis as evidence for phrasal words in Inuit
  • Nelleke Strik (Dalhousie): The acquisition of long distance wh-questions in L2 French
  • Keir Moulton, Mathieu Dovan & Meghan Jeffrey (Simon Fraser): Why are weak crossover effects so weak? An experimental investigation
  • Jila Ghomeshi (Manitoba): The syntax of pragmaticalization
  • Meagan Louie (UBC): Constraints on licensing if-clauses in Blackfoot
  • Andrei Anghelescu & Michael Schwan (UBC): Nuclear consonants in Gitksan
As well, several graduate students from the French Department and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese will be giving talks and poster presentations:
  • Tanya Battersby: Semantic change in the Spanish copula system: Evidential innovation with estar in the Buenos Aires variety
  • Sophia Bello: L’omission des clitiques objets indirects: Arguments du VP ou tête fonctionnelle?
  • Anna Frolova: Acquisition des structures transitives en russe langue maternelle
  • Olivia Marasco: Intonation patterns of yes-no questions in L2 Spanish speakers
  • Joanne Markle Lamontagne: Child heritage language acquisition of the Spanish present perfect in Quebec
  • Elena Voskovskaia: Composés N-N et N-de-N dans la littérature française du 17e au 20e siècle: productivité morphologique
The full schedule is available here.

Updated: Photos from the event are available here.

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