January 28, 2013

New Ontario Premier a Linguist

(Post courtesy of Jack Chambers)

Kathleen Wynne, newly appointed leader of the Ontario Liberals and first woman premier of Ontario, graduated with her M.A. in our department in (as I recall) 1979. Her Forum research was on literacy skills in a northern Algonquian community. Kathleen was a prized TA, active in the LGCU and clean-up hitter for the Glottal Stops, the department slo-pitch team. Her work as MLA and cabinet minister has limited her involvement in our activities for the last few years, but we were pleased when she took time to participate in the Workshop on Phonetics, Gender and Sexual Orientation in November 2005. Among her many advantages as premier, of course, is the A she earned in Analysis & Argumentation. We wish her all the best.

J.K. Chambers

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