January 7, 2013

Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting

There were quite a few members of the department presenting at the LSA this past weekend in Boston.

Keren Rice gave the Presidential Address, entitled “Variation, Phonology, and Fieldwork.”

Bridget Jankowski gave a talk: "A variationist approach to disentangling grammatical change and
register change."

Derek Denis gave a talk: "Grammaticalization? change in the right periphery from 1875 to 2003."

Nicholas Welch gave two talks: "The bearable lightness of being" and "Propping up predicates: BE-support in Tlicho Yatii."

Bronwyn Bjorkman presented a poster: "Aspectual ergative splits and perfective-linked oblique case."

A number of alumni were also present. Mike Barrie, Kyumin Kim, and Lyn Tieu presented posters, and Tanya Slavin and Nicole Rosen presented talks at the LSA.

(photo courtesy of Sali Tagliamonte)

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