November 28, 2018

A Faetar-speaking visitor!

This past weekend, Naomi Nagy (faculty) hosted a speaker of Faetar (a Franco-Provençal language spoken in two small communities in Foggia in south Italy: Faeto and Celle), and used the opportunity to practice her Faetar (photo #1), catch up on Faetar texting practices (photo #2) - not bad for a language with no official writing system! - and compare pizzas in Faeto and Toronto (photo #3). Livia was only 2 the last time Naomi did fieldwork in Faeto.

Telling time with a clock from Faeto: [o fa kase lu kat e mietS]

A text message in Faetar - transcribed in IPA.

Livia e la sua pizza. (Grazie Napoli Centrale!)

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