November 25, 2017

Mo-MOT 2 at UQAM, November 18-19

The following past and present U of T people presented papers at Mo-MOT 2 (Annual morphology workshop at Montréal-Ottawa-Toronto) at UQAM on November 18-19:

Andrea Boom (MA), presenting joint work with Nicholas Welch (former postdoc, now at McMaster)
Andrew Peters (PhD)
Elizabeth Cowper (faculty) presenting joint work with Bronwyn Bjorkman (former postdoc, now at Queen’s) and Daniel Siddiqi (Carleton)
Daniel Currie Hall (PhD 2007, now at Saint Mary’s, Halifax)
Fábio Bonfim Duarte, Visiting Scholar
Richard Compton (PhD 2012, now at UQAM)
Nicholas La Cara (faculty)

Next year’s Mo-MOT will be held at U of T, date to be determined.

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