July 11, 2017

CLA presentation award winners

Congratulations to our two departmental winners, Julianne Doner and Virgilio Partida Peñalva!

Julie Doner has won the Best Student Paper Award, from the Canadian Linguistics Association in the twenty-minute talk category, for her presentation "Predicate-sensitive EPP", while Virgilio Partida Peñalva has won the Best Student Paper Award in the ten-minute talk category, for his presentation "Stripping in Spanish: Focalized PP remnants". Congratulations to both our winners!

We also congratulate Nicole Hildebrandt-Edgar of York University, who tied with Julie for first place in the 20-minute talk category with her presentation “I don’t know in Toronto and Victoria: Comparing analyses of discourse variation”, and Angélica Hernández Constantin, of Western University who won the Best Poster Presentation Award for her poster ""Différences regionales dans l’utilisation du verbe impersonnel haber de l’ espagnol: Les Caraïbes contre l’ Amérique Latine continentale".

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