June 23, 2017

Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 38

A new volume of TWPL has been released! Check it out here: http://twpl.library.utoronto.ca/index.php/twpl/index

Table of Contents:

Ewelina Barski: Nominal case restructuring: A case study on a Polish heritage speaker
Elizabeth Cowper and Vincent DeCaen: Biblical Hebrew: A formal perspective on the left periphery

Patrick Murphy: Complement coercion and aspectual adjectives in Canadian English
Sherry Yong Chen: Movement constraints on the relative order of double topics in Mandarin Chinese
Shay Hucklebridge: Relational and partitive inalienable possession in Slave
Doug Hitch: Vowel spaces and systems
Na-Young Ryu: Perception of Korean contrasts by Mandarin learners: The role of L2 proficiency
Eduard Sviridenko: Features of Russian affricate production by Native English speakers

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