August 25, 2016

Dog Days V Syntax Workshop

The 5th annual Dog Days summer workshop on syntax, semantics, and morphology was held on August 17th in the department. The schedule was as follows.

Bronwyn Bjorkman (postdoc 2012-2015, now at Queen's University): "Building imperfect counterfactuals"

Maayan Abenina-Adar (BA 2012, now at UCLA) & Nikos Angelopoulos (UCLA): "On root modality and thematic relations in Tagalogand English"

Gavin Bembridge (York University): "On free variation: Spanish perfect tenses and DM"

Cassandra Chapman & Ivona Kučerová (McMaster): "Two base-generated positions of why: Evidence from English why-questions"

María Cristina Cuervo (faculty) & Angelika Kiss (Ph.D.): "Syntactic restrictions on Hungarian noun incorporation"

Kaz Bamba (Ph.D.): "On the restriction of noun-verb incorporation in Japanese"

Barend Beekhuizen (postdoc at UofT Computer Science): "Carving up the world: semantic typology and cognition"

Sherry Hucklebridge (MA): "Relational and partitive inalienable possession in Slave"

Michael Barrie (Ph.D. 2006, now at Sogang University): "Noun incorporation and instability"

Dan Milway (Ph.D.): "Subjects of adjuncts and labeling"

Andrew Peters (York University): "A Distributed Morphology approach to bilingual syntax"

Rebecca Tollan (Ph.D.): "Asymmetric displacement asymmetries: ergative versus accusative case"

Monica Irimia (Ph.D 2011, now at University of York, soon to be at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia): "When differential marking is obligatory: Equality comparatives and ellipsis"

Michela Ippolito (faculty): "Indefinite pronouns"

Julie Goncharov (Ph.D. 2016, soon to be at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem): "Advantages of silence"

Ileana Paul (Western University): "The features of proper determiners in Malagasy dialects"

Will Oxford (Ph.D. 2014, now at the University of Manitoba): "Deriving agreement asymmetries from pronominal structure"

This workshop was presented with the support of Alana Johns, Keren Rice, the Department of Linguistics (U of T), SSHRC #435-2015-1987, SSHRC #435-2013-1756

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