January 5, 2016


The thirteenth Old World Conference in Phonology (OCP) is taking place in Budapest, Hungary, from January 13th to 16th.

Bronwyn Bjorkman (postdoc 2012-15, now at Queen's University) and Peter Jurgec (faculty): "Regularizing effects of indexation to complex constituents."

Heather Yawney (Ph.D.) is presenting a poster: "The yes/no question suffix in Turkish: Its syntactic distribution and its irregular stress within the verbal domain."

Glyne Piggott (Ph.D. 1968, now at McGill University) with Lisa Travis (McGill University) and Heather Newell (Université du Québec à Montréal): "The phonology of possession."

Yining Nie (MA 2015, now at New York University) is also presenting a poster: "Prosodic conditioning in Finnish assibilation and vowel raising."

Ewan Dunbar (MA 2008, now at CNRS) and collaborator Emmanuel Dupoux (CNRS): "Evidence for two different kinds of feature economy effects on natural inventories."

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