November 8, 2015

NWAV volunteers

Our department co-hosted NWAV 44 with York University from October 22nd to 25th. A full report for the conference is forthcoming. For now, we would like to thank the tremendous efforts of our committee members and volunteers!

Some are pictured below. Left to right: Abigael Candelas (York U., visiting scholar), Marisa Brook (U of T, Ph.D.), Aaron Dinkin (U of T, faculty), Alexah Konnelly (U of T, MA), Matt Hunt Gardner (U of T, Ph.D.), Mary Aksim (U of T, MA), Brianne Süss (U of T, MA), Ruth Maddeaux (U of T, Ph.D.), Shayna Gardiner (U of T, Ph.D.), Maksym Shkvorets (U of T, MA), Medwin Azadi (York U., Ph.D.), Naomi Nagy (U of T, faculty), Beth Houze (U of T, MA), Darcie Blainey (U of T, postdoc), Emilia Melara (U of T, Ph.D.), Lindsay Tiedemann (U of T, Ph.D.), Erin Hall (U of T, Ph.D.), and Gloria Mellesmoen (U of T, MA).

(Photo by Lee Murray.)

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